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Workshops planned for 2019-2020

World famous B.K.S.Iyengar yoga teachers who, thanks to a continuous yoga practice (an average of 20 – 30 years), have acquired an international reputation and are invited to seminars in several countries of the world, will be visiting Yoga School Anahata. To get to know these teachers and to acquire the knowledge will also be a chance for us. It is a unique opportunity for those who have been practicing yoga for several years and are eager to learn more and also for those who have recently started to practice.

Oktober 20th 2019 , workshop with Gaļina Ožiganova from Russia (in russian)

November 22 – 24.11.2019 , workshop with Olga Iļjinska (Senior 3) from Russia (in russian)

January 23-26 2020 workshop with Tamāra Bujanova (Int. Senior 2) Miķeļbāka place

March 7-8 2020 workshop for Ladies with Tamāra Bujanova (Int. Senior 2) at Anahata

(workshop will be opened with a lection by Maksims Volodins)

July 8–12 2020 yoga retreat with Jurek Jajucki  (Int. Senior 2)  from Poland at Miķeļbāka place

August 14–16 2020 Latvian Iyengar yoga association 1st convention with Uday Bhosale

August 20–23 2020 Jogas seminārs ar Tamāru Bujanova (Int. Senior 2) at Miķeļbāka place