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Prices (valid from 12.07.2021)

To be used within a month

One class

Pass 3x

Pass 4x

Pass 6x

Pass 8x

Yoga class

20,00 EUR

50,00 EUR

56,00 EUR

68,00 EUR

80,00 EUR

For students

(full day studies)

16,00 EUR

45,00 EUR

52,00 EUR

65,00 EUR

76,00 EUR

For seniors

13,00 EUR

44,00 EUR

51,00 EUR

 64,00 EUR

75,00 EUR

For teens (from 9th class)

11,00 EUR

46,00 EUR


70,00 EUR

Private 1.5h

 65,00 EUR

After each second Pass 8 x, use one yoga class for free!

Those active yogis, who need more than 2 * 8 x +1 (or 17 times) classes in a month will offer special unlimited pass pass for EUR 128!

Students discount valid only for full time students.

Senior prices valid only for Senior classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.00.


Discover yoga for your friend:

bring a friend (who has not been practicing yoga in Anahata before) and if a friend buys a pass 8 x, receive a free class yourself!

We have gift cards on offer as well.