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About us

The Sanskrit word anahata means: unscathed, unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten.


Anahata is the heart chakra which consists of two components: the awareness / mind constantly variable, and consciousness.


Anahata is the emotional center of the fine body. It is as if the „central control panel” for all relations with people, nature, animals, as well as the root of all karmic connections with people, also consequence and the result of thoughts and wishes. Anahata is also associated with love, compassion, mercy and other deep and personal feelings.


Anahata is associated with the ability to take decisions outside the scope of the karma.


In Anahata – decisions are taken following the own voice of the heart based on higher force.

Types of classes


Practice of asanas (exercises) already during the very first classes stretches the body, relaxes and trains the muscles and joints. The body acquires feeling of freedom, the thorax opens, breathing becomes smoother, deeper and more deliberate. Standing, sitting, reverse and twisted asanas are learned. Starting with simple exercises (standing asanas), one gradually is researching the body and its possibilities. In order to exercise the highest possible quality, props are used.

The novices are our heroes!


Learning of more difficult asanas, staying in asanas for a longer time. A conscious work with oneself: careful alignment in asanas, control of internal energy flow and pranayama (breathing). When the body and breathing change, also the mind changes. Our attention during the practice includes all parts of the body; we feel the way it works, thus our mind becomes centered and quiet.


Experience creates strength!


To start doing yoga is never too late – older a person, a greater benefit one acquires already in the first classes. Yoga delays the ageing processes, sets free from stiffness, rigidity and feeling of weakness. Middle-aged people need not only ordinary physical exercises, but a deliberate, no-mechanical practice affecting personality as a whole – the body, mind and spirit. Yoga exercises are performed more slowly and gently, and releasing stiffened joints and body gradually.

And life acquires different colors!


A woman is supposed to be calm and balanced, yoga is the way to achieve it. During the classes a work is done to influence reproductive and endocrine systems. Practicing the asanas, output of hormones is regulated in the body and women feel better. Particular emphasis is placed on reversed positions which are practiced longer, thus obtaining maximum effect from them.

Love resides within each woman we only should remove obstacles which do not allow to express oneself!


Both easier and more sophisticated asanas are practiced. Suitable for beginners, who have already for some time been practicing yoga as well as for yoga practitioners who want a lighter load. When the body and breathing change, also the mind changes. Our attention during the practice includes all parts of the body; we feel the way it works, thus our mind becomes centered and quiet.

The practice of yoga is a journey beginning in the body and leading to the soul!


­Schedule of Planned Seminars in 2017/18
World famous teachers will be training in Anahata Yoga School.


Yoga School Anahata is regularly organising masterclasses and roadshow seminars.


The story of yoga belt – from Narasimhana to Dakshinamurti
The last edition of “Yoga Rahasya” had an article about yoga Narasimhanu and us, disciples of Iyengar yoga. It was exciting to see a representation of Lord Vishnu depicting Lord Vishnu sitting in a yoga pose with a belt around his feet. It is considered that these sculptures are at least 400 years old. Read more in the Articles

Last interview with B.K.S. Iyengar, which has been recorded shortly before Guruji’s death. Look HERE


Tamara Bujanova

Tamara Bujanova

Yoga is a silent dialogue with oneself, a therapy of oneself. The healthier one becomes, the more harmonic becomes the environment around.

Ludmila Iļjina

Ludmila Iljina

“The most important thing in your practice of yoga, is not breathing technique, knowledge of asanas or joint flexibility. The most important is to spread out the mat and start practicing.”

Irina Zeme

Irina Zeme

“The most important what a man can do is not to change the world but change oneself.”
Imants Ziedonis

Ieva Tolmane

Ieva Tolmane

Each yoga asana is beautiful, elegant and possess even a graceful form, which embodies a fantastic force, thereby making people as strong as a diamond and yet so delicate as a flower.

see the world differently

Romans Fomicevs

Each class, be it private or group’s – is a journey, the destination of which is unknown in the moment when you step on the mat…



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